Blaze Petersen | Strategy & OGSM Consultant

Blaze Petersen manages ArchPoint’s assessment tools and methodologies. Her work largely focuses on extracting and turning complex qualitative data into meaningful content for clients. She has played a key role in standardizing ArchPoint’s core practices and materials. Throughout her tenure with ArchPoint, Blaze has managed internal and external projects, assisted internal marketing and branding initiatives, provided field support and has been involved with many internal improvement projects.  

Prior to ArchPoint, Blaze was marketing director for Vivian Alexander, a Louisiana luxury fashion accessories brand, where she was responsible for client relations, planning and coordinating marketing activities and developing the overall marketing and selling strategy for the brand. Blaze started her career at Dillard’s department store as a visual merchandising manager. Her responsibility was to drive in-store revenue targets through aesthetically-driven display, effective store design and creating an overall visually stimulating shopper experience. 

Blaze earned her BS and MBA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Blaze is based in Lafayette, Louisiana.