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When It Comes to Persuasion, Does Quality or Quantity Win?

When It Comes to Persuasion, Does Quality or Quantity Win?

Through a recent podcast, I was reminded of a TED talk given by Niro Sivanathan, a professor of organizational behavior at the London Business School, in which he introduces two hypothetical students. One student “studies 31 hours per week outside of class,” while the...

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Stay true to your strategic intent

I have used OGSM for nearly three decades, over half of my career. Through my tenure at Procter & Gamble and Campbell Soup, we used OGSM to align our business units globally and in my years as a consultant, we have used OGSM to develop and execute strategic plans...

Cascading the OGSM

The purpose of cascading OGSM is to link the Strategies of the organization up and down the hierarchy of the organization. Cascading facilitates the top-down and bottom-up flow of information, strategically aligning work at every level. When cascaded downward, it...

The dos and donts of an OGSM

Success Organizations succeed when their leaders are aligned to specific Objectives and Goals that set a clear direction. Organizations succeed when both work activities and Measures are transparent. Organizations succeed when they collect data from outside the...

5 Questions to test an OGSM

Once you write an OGSM, how can you test to make sure it is indeed a strong and executable strategic plan for your organization? Remember these 5 As. 1. Is it Aligned? Is it clear how the Objectives and Goals will be achieved by executing the Strategies and...