Stephen Peele | Strategy & OGSM Consultant

Stephen is a senior consultant, being one of our founding members, and consistently contributing to the growth of ArchPoint beginning in 2002. Before ArchPoint, he was an executive leader in Marketing, Business Development, Program Management, and eBusiness for GE having spent nearly 20 years in their service. He became GM of Business Development for a technology start-up, VP of Business Development in an organization of ex-GE leaders and an SVP strategy partner for a start-up SaaS company. His area of specialty is strategy development and technology planning.

With experience from Fortune 100 companies to local start-ups, he provides strategic skill and direction as an organizational champion and leadership coach. His over 15 years of consulting enables him to help a range of B2B organizations (manufacturing, technology, pharma, materials) as they build and deploy their strategic plans. His experience in technology, strategy, and leadership has enabled him to assist over 30 companies, facilitating their strategic development.

Stephen has a long track record of partnership, collaboration and joint business development. More recently he leads the establishment of an operations partnership with a premier German consulting company. He earned his BS from MIT and an MBA in Marketing/Finance from UC. He taught for eight years as Adjunct Professor of Strategy at NKU in their Executive Master’s Program. He was also a significant contributor to “Team Renaissance”. He currently resides in Cincinnati.