We are pleased to announce that ArchPoint Consulting has expanded its capabilities through a partnership with TARGUS Management Consulting, a global firm specializing in operational excellence, purchasing, logistics and supply chain management. The partnership allows both firms to offer a broader, more connected suite of solutions along the organizational value chain.

End-to-end solutions for greater success

“By establishing the right connections within the business, we’re synchronizing the demand and supply sides of the organization,” says Stephen Peele, ArchPoint Consulting’s Managing Director who is leading the partnership effort.

The partnership links ArchPoint’s commercial expertise – strategy development, optimizing products, enhancing sales programs and maximizing marketing efforts – with TARGUS’ focus on efficient manufacturing operations. TARGUS’ portfolio includes the following services:

  • Material Cost Management. The identification and implementation of measurable savings through reduction of usage, modification of specifications and technologies and classic price reduction techniques.
  • Product Cost Optimization. The reduction of manufacturing costs and operational  simplification through the review of existing solutions, transparent cost breakdown, realization of potential savings and benchmarking within the marketplace.
  • Rapid Plant Assessment. A tool to quickly identify and quantify potential operational cost and process improvements, which includes an outside-in evaluation of plant performance, industry standard and similar plant comparisons.
  • Network Optimization. Using localization strategies to optimize manufacturing networks, encompassing everything from network strategy and to the physical location of the network.

This partnership was formed in early 2016 and has produced robust solutions for the clients of both firms. “ArchPoint and TARGUS are collaborating to deliver exceptional insights to clients, particularly with manufacturing and supply chain challenges. The combination of ArchPoint’s capabilities in the fields of commercial capabilities and personnel, and TARGUS’s professional competences in operational excellence, efficient processes and productive assets do fit very well. Our first joint projects show that it is worthwhile and beneficial for our customers,” says Markus Koerfer, CEO of TARGUS Group North America LLC.

Stronger strategic implementation & execution

In ArchPoint’s work in strategy development, TARGUS’ capabilities can be utilized to aid clients in improving their strategic execution. By linking the strategic elements of operational improvement to the more executional elements, the tangibility of strategic plans increases. “The power of the combined capabilities allows for deeper execution of ArchPoint’s strategic solutions and increased expertise all along the organizational value chain,” says Richard Spoon, President of ArchPoint Consulting.

We encourage our clients to read about TARGUS’ team and contact us for more information.