In a continuously changing competitive landscape controlled by monolithic Fortune 500 brands, retailers are searching for a new generation of private label manufacturer to increase market share and profit margin. These manufacturers are helping reimage store brands once thought by consumers as a “generic product at a price” to recognizable brands that compete with the national brand in quality at a lower price point. Designing a product under this strategy requires a thorough understanding of competitive retailer programs, consumer demand and manufacturing expertise, all while consistently reinventing the wheel to stay ahead.

Although the industry is thirsty for this new breed of innovation, there are many challenges and two specifically stand out: customization and flexibility. Many national brand manufacturers are unwilling to customize products for retailers, and many incumbent private label manufacturers are unable to create flexibility beyond small changes to packaging artwork.

ArchPoint takes a different approach to product design because our core competency is not product engineering, but program engineering. We tailor every specification according to what the retailer needs to drive consumer loyalty. This includes everything from count, capacity, price and placement. Good design recommendations should be based on insights from syndicated data, consumer feedback and competitive market analysis. The analytics and insights around this data determine the specifications of the entire program, including the product itself.

Once our engineers ensure product viability, product execution begins. We work only with trusted factories who are willing and able to fulfill customized order specifications, as well as offer ArchPoint clients regional exclusivity. Through precise mold manufacturing and product testing, we are able to bring the conceptualized personal game plan to life. The result is a product better than the national brand in both quality and price, while giving the retailer attractive margins.

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