Once you write an OGSM, how can you test to make sure it is indeed a strong and executable strategic plan for your organization? Remember these 5 As.

1. Is it Aligned?

Is it clear how the Objectives and Goals will be achieved by executing the Strategies and initiatives? Do the Goals and Measures reflect how management tracks the success of the business? Is there transparent linkage between the OGSM at the top level and the (in both language and strategic intent)?

2. Is it Achievable?

Does the organization have the competency and capability to achieve the direction the OGSM has set? Said differently, will the OGSM be a success or failure based on the honest assessment of the team’s ability to deliver it? Beyond the organization’s efforts, other factors also impact the successful delivery of an OGSM including market dynamics, competition, company commitment, etc.

3. Is it Adequate?

Are the Strategies defined in the OGSM adequate and specific enough to deliver the Objectives and Goals? The Strategies should be detailed and have enough muscle to create a high level of confidence that they are the best choices to deliver the plan.

4. Is it Accurate?

Do the Strategies clearly communicate the explicit choices the organization is making? In turn, a choice in one direction assumes other choices are no longer options. A good OGSM communicates what we are going to do and what we are not going to do.

5. Is it Ambitious?

Do the Strategies stretch and push the organization to new levels of results? If the Objectives and Goals don’t have the right level of ambition, the organization won’t move in the direction it’s aiming.

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