• Organizations succeed when their leaders are aligned to specific Objectives and Goals that set a clear direction.
  • Organizations succeed when both work activities and Measures are transparent.
  • Organizations succeed when they collect data from outside the organization (customers, marketplace, suppliers) to
    identify gaps in performance.
  • Organizations succeed when they create Strategies and initiatives that are directly linked back to the Objectives and Goals.
  • Organizations succeed when they focus on fewer Strategies and are staffed to execute those priorities.
  • Organizations succeed when they execute their plan with a consistent management routine.
  • Organization succeed by utilizing a central platform like myOGSM to increase execution efficiency, enhance accountability and track and measure performance.


  • Organizations fall short when they create a generic OGSM with language that could be adaptable to almost any organization.
  • Organizations fall short when they argue methodology rather than pushing forward and executing. The best organizations focus less on bureaucracy of the template and more on execution.
  • Organizations fall short when they spread everything too thin by focusing their attention on too many strategies.
  • Organizations fall short when they lose critical time wordsmithing instead of moving toward execution. Statements do not have to be perfect.
  • Organizations fall short when they miss the first step toward planning an OGSM. Any planning process that doesn’t start externally misses the mark when it comes to execution.
  • Organizations fall short when they aren’t willing to change how they manage the business. The OGSM management routine requires a discipline and consistency that most organizations don’t have in place around their planning process.
  • Organizations fall short when they believe that everyone, all the way down the organization, needs an individual OGSM. Instead, business priorities should link to performance management and, therefore, link the OGSM to each employee’s work.