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Avoid strategy-related budget issues

It’s disappointing and frustrating when you’re prepared to spend resources only to discover the coffers have run dry. We’ve been there too.

That’s why we developed the Costs and Budget Summary feature to help you connect budgets to strategic initiatives, track spending real-time as users input cost information, avoid overspending and make sure financial resources are allocated correctly across all initiatives.

Budget Summary Reports provide a comprehensive view of all financial resources committed and spent – or break down spending into specific costs across business units and initiatives if you need more detail.

Get control by utilizing the Costs and Budget Summary feature with these easy steps:

  1. Click on the Strategy and Initiative hyperlinks
  2. Once in the Initiative, scroll down to the Costs/Budget section
  3. Click on “Add Costs/Budget”
  4. Complete the pop-up box

Pro Tip

Use the Budget Summary Report in combination with a snapshot of the Strategic Dashboard to visualize what’s been spent on strategic initiatives, progress on strategic initiatives and the correlation between financial resources and success.